Primal Youth

We have had a successful ongoing youth Strength and Conditioning Program in the Spring Branch area since 2011.

We say successful, because we have had youth come to us, learn how to move well, learn how to lift correctly and cautiously, and learn that being fit makes life more fun and that working out isn’t a chore.

In a group setting, youth ages 8-18 are mentored in the following:

  • How to warm up, and mobilize their body correctly.
  • The fundamental movements using basic exercises.
  • Agility, Speed, and Coordination drills.
  • Progression is earned. Nobody advances until they show they are ready.
  • Safety around weights and workout equipment.
  • Working together, spotting.
  • Classic Barbell movements and how to execute correctly.
  • TRX, Kettlebells, gymnastic movements.
  • The list goes on….

Our youth program trains hard, but has fun.

We don’t introduce anything to a youth before they are ready, and we have had kids take a year or two just working on fundamentals and attitude before they were ready for the bigger stuff.

Whether your kid is a natural athlete and needs some guidance as they launch into sporting careers, or your kid is a video game addict that needs to balance out their life, Primal Youth will impact their lives in a big way.

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